Eye Mask + Gel Pads
 Eye Mask + Gel PadsEye Mask + Gel Pads 

Eye Mask + Gel Pads


Bar Code:  7001
Brand:  VOE


Biodermis-Xeragel Scar Gel 10gBiodermis-Xeragel Scar Gel 10g
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Includes: Eye Mask + 1 pack of 4 cooling pads (Please note. Mask colours may change from image description)

Gel eye mask compresses are certainly known to promote maximum comfort during the recovery period of Blepharoplasty by significantly reducing the swelling and inflammation of the eyes. The gel eye mask includes pockets for ice packs to be inserted, which will trigger effective and speedy healing. Plastic surgeons recommend their clients to purchase these gel eye masks before their initial surgery as they are essentially required to be used for a few days right after the surgery. The cold compresses are also known to ease the strain on your eyes and will help alleviate headaches, if experienced due to the swelling of the eyes.

Additionally, the gel eye masks can also be worn after a Brow-lift surgery which will promote similar benefits to that of a Blepharoplasty. 

The Eye Mask + Gel pads from RECOVA by VOE has proven to greatly promote excellent comfort, faster healing, significant reduction in swelling and bruising of the eyes, and is a highly recommended must-have accessory in your goodie bag for post-surgery recovery after Blepharoplasty as well as Brow-lift.

Instructions: Store in the freezer. Four units are included in order keep two units cooling down while the other  two are in use.


  • Medical grade compression garments 
  • All of our products are free of any allergens such latex, formaldehyde, etc
  • Soft breathable fabrics with flat seams
  • Durable construction for continuous wear
  • Adjustable front or side-mounted fastenings to account for swelling

 Important Healthy Tip: Due to long, continuous periods of time that you may need to wear the garment, it is recommended to purchase 2 garments. Having two garments will enable you to always have a freshly clean garment, while the other one is being washed.

Care for your garment: Recova compression garments can be machine or manually washed at a temperature of 30°C max. Do not use fabric conditioner or bleach. Do not tumble dry, iron or dry clean. Just hung the garment to air dry

Post Surgery Garments main functions: 

  • To provide sustained pressure and support to aid recovery;
  • To improve comfort, control pain and reduce swelling (oedema);
  • To improve body contouring and skin retraction (i.e. minimise sagging);
  • To promote effective blood circulation in the affected area;
  • To help your body flush out potentially harmful toxins.
  • To minimise the risk of complications (e.g. infection or thrombosis)

If you have any questions or require advice on sizes please send us an email and we will respond as soon as possible

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