28 September 2022  |  Admin
How can you recover most effectively from your breast reduction surgery?

You may be considering breast reduction surgery for any of a number of reasons; sometimes, this procedure is sought in order to improve self-confidence, or it might be problems like backache that serve as a greater spur for you to contemplate this type of surgery. 

24 August 2022  |  Admin
5 things you shouldn’t do when recovering from cosmetic surgery

What are some of the mistakes that people can make during recovery from cosmetic surgery, that you need to make sure you don’t emulate? Here are a few suggestions.

24 August 2022  |  Admin
How can you be sure of choosing the right size and shape of breast implants?

One of the most important things to note is that it can be extremely difficult to decide on the most appropriate size and shape of breast implants on your own – and we would advise you against doing so. 

17 August 2022  |  Admin

Back to basics! This video shows you how to properly take your body measurements to ensure a great fitting garment or post surgery bra.


16 August 2022  |  Admin

Here you will find an educational video guide from VOE Garments on how to put your compression garment on properly.

18 July 2022  |  Admin
What can you expect during your recovery from Brazilian butt-lift surgery?

If you have made the decision to undergo the procedure known as Brazilian butt-lift surgery – or BBL – this will doubtless be a huge investment in your body and self-confidence. 

23 June 2022  |  Admin
Recover more effectively from your gynecomastia surgery with these tips

The condition often referred to as “man boobs” – gynecomastia – can cause embarrassment and distress in some men. This, in turn, may lead them to consider their options for gynecomastia surgery, particularly if diet and exercise efforts do not produce the desired results.

9 June 2022  |  Admin
The essentials of recovering from your neck lipo treatment

Neck lipo can be a great treatment for helping to combat this insecurity, being designed to reduce fat in the neck area and what is referred to as the ‘submental’ area under the chin. 

18 May 2022  |  Admin
What treatments are available for your scarring after cosmetic surgery?

With scarring being the body’s natural response to damage – whatever the cause of that damage – it is important to realise that in the case of any cut or incision in the skin, a scar will be left behind. It is not possible to completely remove a scar, but with well-chosen treatments, you can help minimise its appearance while maximising your comfort and ability to move freely.

29 April 2022  |  Admin
What characteristics should your post-surgery compression garments have?

For generations of people undergoing cosmetic surgery – and the hospitals and private clinics that serve them – the wearing of compression garments to support their recovery post-procedure has been invaluable. 

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