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Welcome to "Recova Post Surgery"

Here at Recova Post Surgery we are dedicated to supplying high quality compression garments ideal for post-operative recovery or for additional support for both men and women. We understand that for many patients the prospect of having surgery can be daunting and that they want to ensure that the procedure goes perfectly to plan. However, it is also essential to give the same consideration to post-operative care.

Compression garments have many important functions, for instance they...

•    Provide controlled pressure and support where it is most needed
•    Control the flow of blood and promote rapid healing
•    Minimise the risk of complications (e.g. infection or thrombosis)
•    Control pain, reduce swelling and lessen skin sagging
•    Help your body flush out harmful toxins

Therefore we think that choosing the right garment is as important as choosing the right surgeon!

We aim to help you on the road to a smooth and successful recovery by providing products to suit your needs and the highest degree of customer care and satisfaction.

We offer a wide range of specialised post-operative compression garments including ‘first stage’ products for the initial recovery phase (usually 1-2 weeks after surgery), and ‘second stage’ products for later in the recovery period (usually 2-8 weeks after surgery).

We are the UK sole distributor of these products. The manufacturers of Recova Post Surgery have over 30 years of combined experience in the compression wear industry and our line is made in Spain & USA to maintain the highest standards. Our products are crafted from the highest quality ‘four-way stretch’ elastic fabrics on the post-operative garment market with 42% Lycra content and without the use of commonly-used chemicals or allergens such as formaldehyde or latex. Each product is carefully designed to provide maximal compression and comfort to suit the requirements of a variety of different post-surgery applications. In addition, our garments do not have stays or underwiring and are constructed with flat seams for increased comfort and discretion.


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