Waist Shaper

Waist ShaperWaist ShaperWaist Shaper
Waist ShaperWaist Shaper
Waist Shaper
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SLIMNG08 – WAIST SHAPER CORSET- Reshape your figure while enhancing skin texture

If you're looking to show off an improved silhouette, the VOE SLIM Waist Shaper is exactly what you need!

Our waist shaper provides firm and supportive compression in the tummy and flank area, leaving a beautiful sculpted waist while allowing a natural movement of the body. In addition to sculpting your figure, it also acts on the skin leaving it smooth. Also suitable as a second stage garment after lipo on tummy and flanks.

​It also offers lumbar support that can help to relieve back pain, thanks to the posterior rods (boning).

This fantastic corset acts like a second skin, not only does this garment gives you a great look, but it also works to smooth the skin.

  • Made with two layers of fabric
  • Three front adjustable hook-and-eye closures 
  • Front and back boning for additional support and to prevent corset from rolling
  • Made with LYCRA® and ultra-soft polyamide microfibre
  • Contains microcapsules with active ingredients. 

Active ingredients: Caffeine (Activates microcirculation, enhances fat burning and cellulite reduction), Retinol and VitA (stimulate collagen synthesis), Ceramides (have a tightening affect on the skin), Fatty acids (provide hydration to the skin), VitE (antiaging and antioxidant) and Aloe Vera (hydrating, anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant).

Benefits of continued use of VOE Slim garments:

  1. An efficiency comparable to the best anti-cellulite creams on the market
  2. Effective slimming effect
  3. Efficient reduction of fat deposits
  4. Efficient reduction of the “orange-peel” look



  • Medical grade compression garments recommended by top plastic surgeons
  • Powerful 4-way stretch LYCRA® and soft polyamide microfibre
  •  Made using ultra soft and breathable fabrics
  • Durable construction for continuous wear over long periods
  • Designed with flat seams for added comfort and discretion 
  • Adjustable with three front or side-mounted fastenings to allow for swelling
  • Hypoallergenic. (Free of any allergens including latex and formaldehyde)   

IMPORTANT TIP - Wear & Wash Routine: Due to the need to wear compression garments continuously for long periods of time, it is recommended that at least two garments are purchased. This will allow one to be washed and air-dried while the other is being worn. That way, you will always have a fresh garment to change into.

Sizing: Ensuring a good fit of your compression garment is essential, so we recommend that you try your garment on when you receive it, prior to surgery. Check that it provides the required compression while remaining comfortable. It is important to do this well in advance of your procedure to allow time for exchanges if needed. Please note that we cannot accept returns of garments that have been used post-surgery.

Garment Care: RECOVA's compression garments can be machine or hand-washed at a maximum temperature of 30°C. Do not use fabric conditioner as it may impair the performance of the fabric. Garments must be air dried to maintain their correct fit and strength of compression. Do not tumble dry, iron or dry clean compression garments, as this can damage the fabric. In the initial days after surgery it is possible that garments become stained. However, it is important not to treat garments with bleach as this will damage the fabric.

Main Functions of Post-Surgery Compression Garments: 
To provide sustained pressure and support to aid recovery;
To improve comfort, control pain and reduce swelling (oedema);
To improve body contouring and skin retraction (i.e. minimise sagging);
To promote effective blood circulation in the affected area;
To help your body flush out fluids and any potentially harmful toxins;
To minimise the risk of complications (e.g. infection or thrombosis)


If you have any questions or require advice on sizes please send us an email on info@recovapostsurgery.com and we will respond as soon as possible

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