3 tips to help you choose the right post-surgery bra

22 April 2022  |  Admin

If you are planning to undergo a breast procedure such as augmentation, mastopexy or reduction surgery, you will inevitably want to have the utmost confidence in your choice of post-surgery bra

This is an undergarment that will be instrumental in making you feel comfortable and supported as your incisions heal and you recover from your procedure. Making the right choice of post-surgery bra isn’t just about comfort or convenience, though, as it can also be key to minimising the risk of complications after surgery, such as seromas and lymphedema. 

So, with no further ado, here are three tips for helping to ensure you decide on the right post-surgery bra for you.

Make sure you wear the right type of bra at the right time 

Naturally, we have to be careful about generalising here. But as a broad rule, if you have just undergone breast augmentation, you can expect your cosmetic surgeon to recommend a medical-grade compression bra, or a high-impact sports bra, for the four weeks immediately following the procedure. 

After this period, it is likely that your surgeon will be confident in approving you switching from a compression bra to a comfortable sports bra, which you should continue to wear for the next few months. 

Choose one size higher than you ‘normally’ would 

By this, we mean that for the first bra you wear after the removal of any strapping, a good general rule is to opt for one cup size bigger than your implants size, and a band size bigger than what you presently wear. The latter will help accommodate any possible swelling. 

For a few reasons, it can be a more complex task than you initially expect to pick out the right size of post-surgery bra for you. Those include the fact that breast implant sizes are expressed not in cup sizes, but in cubic centimetres (ccs), as well as the tendency for measurements to vary slightly across different bra manufacturers. 

In practice, you will probably find yourself having to buy multiple different bras over the course of your recovery, given the changes in your breast shape and size that are likely to occur as you heal.  

Go for a fit that is snug, but not tight 

The above is a good formula to go by when you are on the lookout for a post-surgery bra. While your choice of bra should be comfortable, and you may feel some pressure, this should not feel painful or excessive. In particular, the bra should exert firm pressure on the area of your breasts that was cut open, to help minimise bruising and swelling at the same time as accelerating your recovery. 

Your post-surgery bra should not, however, show any of the tell-tale signs of being overly tight, such as the edges or straps leaving marks on the skin, or the band of the bra riding up on your back. Nor should your breasts spill out the top of the cup. 

A feeling that your bra is so tight that it is practically cutting off your circulation is a further definite indicator that it is too tight for a post-surgery bra. 

It may not be an easy or straightforward task to decide on the post-surgery bra that best suits you, but it can be made easier by our broad range of post-surgery bras here at RECOVA. 

With our bras in this range having been made by VOE from medical-grade compression fabrics, you can have the very greatest faith in their comfort, fit and performance; simply contact our team if you require any further advice and assistance when you are looking to choose the right one. 



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