5 things you shouldn’t do when recovering from cosmetic surgery

24 August 2022  |  Admin

Those of you who are regular readers of the RECOVA blog will know a little something about the tips we have provided in the past to help ensure you achieve the smoothest possible recovery from your cosmetic surgery procedure. 

But what are some of the mistakes that people can make during recovery from cosmetic surgery, that you need to make sure you don’t emulate? Here are a few suggestions. 

Place too much emphasis on what’s on the Internet 

Yes, we recognise the irony of this one. But what we’re really saying with this one, is that you shouldn’t be treating information you might find on the Internet about the specifics of cosmetic surgery, as a substitute for whatever instructions your cosmetic surgeon might give. 

The reality is that it is your own surgeon who will know your own medical history and the specific details of your procedure. So, you should turn to them first if you have any queries about your recovery, and place the biggest emphasis on their own advice. 

Take medications without the permission of your doctor 

Even products that might be safe in a situation when you aren’t recovering from cosmetic surgery, might present certain risks – such as bleeding – if you have recently undergone such a procedure. Taking new medications during your recovery could also risk interactions with any medications you are already taking for other reasons. 

Again, it comes back to the same principle as above: listen to your surgeon, and follow their instructions on the medications or other substances you shouldn’t be taking in the weeks immediately following your procedure. 

Expose yourself too much to the sun 

Sun exposure can be bad news to those recovering from a cosmetic surgery procedure, not least because of the risk of sun damage to scar tissue or other areas of the skin. 

So, if you do need to spend some time out in the sun, we would urge you to minimise your exposure where possible, apply sunscreen, and wear appropriate clothing. Sweating while wearing a body compression suit isn’t much fun, and that’s before we get onto the matter of hot and sunny conditions dehydrating you faster – another unwanted thing if you’re recovering from cosmetic surgery.

Take things a bit too easy 

This tip might cause confusion among some of you, given that vigorous exercise isn’t exactly advised in the weeks after cosmetic surgery, either. 

So, what we are really emphasising here, is the importance of a balanced approach. Very few cosmetic surgery procedures are likely to leave you literally bedridden for days on end afterwards, and surgeons commonly advise their patients to take the chance to get up and move gently. This will help promote good circulation and guard against blood clots, at the same time as supporting your general comfort during the recovery phase. 

Try to cope entirely by yourself 

No matter how much pride you take over your personal independence, the reality is that you will still need a support system around you as you recover from your procedure. Even just having one person around in the house to help you with all those mundane tasks – such as cooking and cleaning – in the week or so after your surgery will make such a huge difference. 

So, it’s really important to start putting that support system in place before you head into surgery – including letting family and friends know about the procedure, and discussing with them how they will be able to make your life easier in the days afterwards. 

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