What is arm lift surgery?

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Arm lift compression garment

What is Arm lift Surgery?

Arm lift surgery also known as brachioplasty is a procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the upper arms. Ideally for people who have experienced rapid weight loss or for those who have gone through successful weight loss surgery as they tend to experience excess loose skin. Arm lift surgery is usually performed under local anaesthetic and may require hospital stay depending what your surgeon suggests.

How is Arm lift surgery performed?

A plastic surgeon from Centre for Surgery explains how the newly introduced Lipomatic device for liposuction has helped advance the liposuction technique, which also contributes to the arm lift surgery. The procedure starts with the surgeon creating markings on the elbow, arms and armpits, the location and size of the incision lines is dependent on the type of arm lift surgery that is being performed. The necessary incisions to remove the excess skin and fat are then made. The surgeon will try to make sure the incisions are concealed in the arm pits or to the inside of the arms making it less able to be seen. Liposuction is then used additionally to remove excess fat, once the incisions have been made the surgeon removes the excess skin and fat and will bring the incisions together to create smooth and tighter arm contour. After this the skin is smoothed over the new contour of your arm. Finally the surgeon closes the incisions precisely to minimise scarring. The sutures may be placed underneath the skin where they will eventually be absorbed by the body. Then sterile dressings and garments will be required to aid the healing process.

Why is Arm lift compression garment important?

After the Arm lift surgery has been completed the surgeon will provide dressings and a arm lift compression garment, the surgeon will instruct you on how long you will be required to keep the arm compression garment on for and will be required to be worn day and night in some cases. Typically a compression garment can be required to be worn for up to 2-4 weeks, it is very important to wear an arm lift compression garment after surgery, it has many benefits such as improving comfort and the compression helps alleviate and also helps speed up the reduction of swelling. Overall recovery time will be accelerated with the arm lift compression garment and also will significantly flatten any scars caused by the procedure. These compression sleeves improve blood circulation and reduces bruising and swelling. Without the arm lift compression garment recovery time will take considerably longer and will make yourself uncomfortable and with visible scars still seen after the operation so it is very beneficial to wear one for as long as you are required to do so.

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