Is a compression garment required for Otoplasty aftercare?

8 August 2016  |  Admin


Is a compression garment required for Otoplasty aftercare?

A highly demanded surgical procedure, Otoplasty also known as Pinnaplasty addresses the ears that some people may not like the appearance of. The procedure addresses those people who may feel that their ears appear too prominent causing the ears to stand out quite noticeably. Prominent ears are inherited and occur if there is a lack of cartilage during the primitive development of the ears and it does not cause any functional inabilities to state it as a problem. Hence, Otoplasty is purely subjective and performed to enhance one’s self esteem and body image if it is causing psychological distress.

At Centre for Surgery, pinning of the ears is performed by a specialist with a plastic surgery, ENT surgery or maxillofacial surgery background. The specialists highly recommend a comprehensive aftercare routine after the procedure in order to achieve the best results. Why is it important? A good aftercare will help prevent various complications like infection and bleeding associated with the procedure as well speed up the recovery process. “Our patients are recommended the medical grade compression garments designed by Recova post surgery as they tend to promote all the main functions needed for a smooth recovery”, says Dr Tillo.

During Otoplasty permanent sutures will be used to stitch up the ears in a new position, and are very delicate. This is why it is necessary to wear ear bands to help protect the stitches as well as to keep the ears in place. The suggested time to wear the garment is usually for 5 to 7 days, but this should be discussed with the surgeon. The patient is also required not to wet the treated area to avoid any chances of infection, and ear bands perfectly aids to it.

A compression garment can greatly promote pressure and support to aid a smooth recovery, reduce swelling and improve comfort. 


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