How can you be sure of choosing the right size and shape of breast implants?

24 August 2022  |  Admin

Breast augmentation – the term used for surgery that enlarges the breasts – remains a hugely popular type of cosmetic procedure. However, it is partly for this very reason that you will need to take great care in selecting a shape and size of breast implants that will suit your needs and desires, including in relation to ensuring a trouble-free recovery process. 

One of the most important things to note is that it can be extremely difficult to decide on the most appropriate size and shape of breast implants on your own – and we would advise you against doing so. 

Instead, it is a good idea to discuss with your surgeon what your wishes and expectations are, and they will be able to provide their own suggestions and advice, based on their professional expertise and experience. 

Of course, a blog post from ourselves here at RECOVA cannot substitute for tailored advice from your chosen surgeon. Nonetheless, for when you do have that conversation with your surgeon, the following are good broad principles to bear in mind. 

Don’t use bra size as a basis for deciding on an implant size 

It is a common question by patients making their in-person visit to the clinic for a sizing appointment: “what size implant will give me this bra cup size?” 

The reality is, bra cup sizes can’t be used as a reliable unit of measurement for breast augmentation. They are simply too inaccurate, and whether or not you have ever undergone this procedure, you are likely to find that your bra cup size will differ from one store to the next. 

Instead of bra cup sizes, the customary unit of measurement for breast implants is cubic centimetres, or CC. The higher the CC count, the greater the volume of the breast implant. However, there is no direct and reliable translation of CC to bra cup size, so it is important not to set your sights too firmly on achieving a specific bra cup size. 

Develop an all-round understanding of your body and your comfort zone 

One of the reasons why it is so important to attend an in-person appointment with a surgeon, is because this will enable them to take the various measurements that will be crucial for informing your ultimate choice of breast implant. 

You might not initially imagine that such factors as your height, weight and body frame would necessarily have a drastic impact on how you choose your breast implant shape and size. 

But they are actually all elements that will make a difference to the result that a particular implant provides; the ideal size for someone with a small frame can greatly differ from the ideal size for someone with a medium or large frame. So, your choice of breast implant needs to be made with careful consideration for your own body. 

Something else to bear in mind, is that your surgeon might specifically advise against you going beyond a certain size for your implants, depending on what would suit your body shape and the risk of complications or complaints after surgery. 

Focus on your own desires and needs, instead of comparing yourself to others 

Not everyone who seeks out breast augmentation has the same motivations for doing so. If, however, you have been inspired to enquire about breast enlargement surgery due to a friend or family member having undergone the procedure and achieved great results, you should consider that what looks good on them, won’t necessarily look as good on your own frame. 

Still, if you do know someone personally who has had breast implants, they could be a great person to turn to for advice and information. For example, they are likely to be able to give great advice on recovery from this procedure, including the importance of following the guidelines you are given for wound aftercare, and choosing the right post-op bra

Speaking of post-op bra options, we have excellent ones for you to peruse in the RECOVA store, courtesy of the highly respected VOE brand. These bras can be instrumental in providing all the comfort and support you will need following your surgery, to help ensure you have no regrets about your chosen breast augmentation procedure or any aspect of your recovery. 


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