Recover more effectively from your gynecomastia surgery with these tips

23 June 2022  |  Admin

The condition often referred to as “man boobs” – gynecomastia – can cause embarrassment and distress in some men. This, in turn, may lead them to consider their options for gynecomastia surgery, particularly if diet and exercise efforts do not produce the desired results.

With male breast reduction surgery not generally being available on the NHS in the UK except in rare cases, the chances are that you will need to pay to have this procedure done privately. 

The process of recovery from gynecomastia surgery can vary depending on such factors as the given man’s general pre-surgery health, pain tolerance, natural healing response, and the extent of the surgery carried out. 

Nonetheless, the below tips should help ensure your own gynecomastia surgery recovery goes as smoothly as it can do, with minimal chance of unwanted complications. 

Keep to a healthy diet plan 

You can expect your surgeon to recommend that in the immediate aftermath of your surgery, you consume clear fluids or liquid foods, before switching to solid diets after a few days’ recovery. 

Naturally, it is important to pay close attention to the specific advice of your surgeon. Nonetheless, you can expect your gynecomastia surgery recovery to benefit from an intake of healthy foods with a high amount of water content, such as fruit juice and clear healthy soups. 

On the other hand, you will be advised by your surgeon to strictly avoid the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and anabolic steroids for a certain period of time. 

Take it easy with physical activity 

It might seem like mere ‘common sense’ to many observers, but it really is crucial to spend the first 24 hours after your gynecomastia procedure refraining from any strenuous activity such as driving, working out, or lifting heavy weights. 

As with other forms of post-surgery recovery, the general rule is that the more rest you take immediately following the procedure, the quicker and more successful you can expect your recovery to be. 

After about four or five days, you can expect to be able to resume moderate activities, such as going about your daily life. Some five to six days after the surgery, most people are typically able to return to work. 

As for working out, you should not commence this until about six weeks after your surgery. And even when you do start arm and chest workouts for the first time after the procedure, it is recommended that you use machines to begin with instead of free weights, to help minimise the risk of injury as you build up your strength again. 

Continue wearing your compression garments 

As tempting as it can be to no longer wear your compression garments during home-based recovery, it is in your own interests to continue wearing them, given that they will help you achieve the both short-term and longer-term results you desire from your surgery. 

In terms of the immediate recovery period, this will include helping to minimise bruising and swelling. The right compression garments will also assist your skin to shrink down to better fit your chest’s new proportions.  

Here at RECOVA, we can offer a wide range of compression garments for men, including various proven options for a gynecomastia vest to help ensure the most effective and comfortable possible recovery. 

Are you unsure which of the options we present would be the best match for you? If so, you are welcome to reach out to us so that we can provide more tailored advice and guidance. 


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