The essentials of recovering from your neck lipo treatment

9 June 2022  |  Admin

It isn’t too difficult to understand the appeal of neck liposuction. With the passing of the years, one of the aspects of the ageing process that causes many of us to feel self-conscious, is the tendency for fat to accumulate in the neck area, which might result in a visible ‘double chin’ in photographs. 

Neck lipo can be a great treatment for helping to combat this insecurity, being designed to reduce fat in the neck area and what is referred to as the ‘submental’ area under the chin. 

With even responsible and diligent weight management not always bringing the results that many people wish for in this part of the body, they might turn to a neck lipo procedure, which entails suctioning fat out of this area to achieve a slimmer and more youthful-looking profile. 

But what is involved in the recovery process for neck liposuction that you need to know about? 

The expectations you can have for your neck lipo recovery 

Among the factors helping to explain the popularity of neck liposuction are the straightforwardness and cost-effectiveness of the treatment itself, which is also relatively non-invasive. 

You will be sedated for the procedure so that you don’t feel anything during the actual treatment, which will involve the surgeon making several small incisions, so that the tubes can be inserted to suction out the fat. 

Once the surgery is over, you will be able to return home on the same day. People vary in terms of their recoveries for this type of procedure; some people might feel fine shortly after the surgery, and resume their normal activities the very next day. Others, however, may need to spend a few days recovering – including waiting for swelling at the incision site to go down – and recovery times of one to two weeks are not uncommon. 

The typical advice to the patient after a neck lipo treatment, however, is to avoid working for a few days, and potentially for as long as a week, to prioritise relaxation. 

It can be a good idea to attempt to stay straight and upright for several days following the surgery in order to accelerate healing, although this might make sleeping a challenge. 

Otherwise, the advised steps for recovering from a neck liposuction are what might seem broadly ‘common sense’ to many people – including ensuring plenty of rest, a good intake of fruit and vegetables, and gentle exercise, such as walks. 

Turn to RECOVA for your ideal neck lipo garment 

Finally, of course, there is the role that RECOVA Compression can play as the UK’s sole distributor of the highly trusted medical-grade garments of the VOE brand. 

We have many a neck lipo garment in our store that could be invaluable for aiding your own recovery from this sought-after procedure. 

While the fairly non-invasive nature of this type of surgery means it places relatively little stress on the body as far as recovery is concerned, you may still be greatly thankful for specialised garments such as VOE’s seamless face and chin bandage and facial chin-neck bandage

The former garment, for instance, has been manufactured using the latest “Bonding Technology” allowing for the elimination of internal seams, while the latter incorporates features like adjustable Velcro closures and open ears for maximum comfort. 

Do you have any further questions about our available products, and the role that the right neck lipo garment could play in your own recovery? If so, please do not hesitate to reach out today to the RECOVA team for suitably tailored advice and guidance. 


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