What characteristics should your post-surgery compression garments have?

29 April 2022  |  Admin

For generations of people undergoing cosmetic surgery – and the hospitals and private clinics that serve them – the wearing of compression garments to support their recovery post-procedure has been invaluable. 

Whatever the exact nature of the cosmetic surgery you have undergone, our own post-surgery compression garments in the UK here at RECOVA can promote and guide the natural retraction of the skin and the formation of fibrous connective tissue, at the same time as minimising the risk of unwanted fibroses, folds and creases. 

These potential aesthetic benefits are on top of the enhanced support that the right compression garments can give you to go about your life comfortably and confidently as you heal. 

But if it is agreed that it is highly advantageous to wear compression garments in the initial weeks and possibly months after surgery, what qualities should you be seeking in such a garment? Below are some of the key characteristics we would advise you to look for. 


Will the compression garments that you are contemplating buying provide the coverage to suit you and the procedure from which you are recovering? 

There is an exceedingly wide range of available post-surgery compression garments in the UK, which allow for a broad scope of coverage – from general cover of an entire section of the body, as provided by bodysuits, right through to garments that target coverage to a specific area, such as abdominal binders. 

Firm compression 

Whatever the specific compression garments that you purchase, you will want them to provide a certain level of pressure, but not so much so that it becomes constrictive. 

If the garment in question feels comfortably firm to wear, you will likely have struck the right balance. You will also probably appreciate the pressure provided by the garment being evenly distributed across the affected area, as can be more easily achieved with four-way-stretch fabrics. 


This is one of the most important qualities for compression garments to have, given that you will inevitably need to bathe and change over the weeks or months for which the garments are worn. Consequently, you will need to choose garments that allow you to easily dress yourself, without too much strain being placed upon the skin. 

In light of the fluctuations in size that can occur over the course of recovery due to swelling and contraction, you will likely be very thankful for garments with features allowing for easy adjustability, such as hook-and-eye closures and front or side-mounted fastenings. 

An open crotch design is another typical feature of many compression garments, enabling patients to go to the toilet with the minimum of fuss. 


If there is one feature of a compression garment during the actual phase of wearing that you will be especially thankful for, it is surely day-to-day comfort. The leading medical-grade compression garments of today really can feel like a ‘second skin’ for the wearer, offering such exceptional levels of comfort that you may not want to take yours off even after it has ceased to be strictly necessary to wear them. 

So, garments that offer softness and elasticity, with the ability to move and flex with the body during normal everyday movements, are likely to win out here. In the process, such high-quality garments can save you from the soreness, friction and creasing that you might experience if you were to settle for substandard alternatives.  


How important is durability in clothing that will presumably only need to be worn for a few weeks or months? In a word: very. After all, the wearing of compression garments is hardly akin to just throwing on a t-shirt; these are garments that need to be continuously worn by the patient through an almost complete range of typical daily activities. 

For the entirety of that period of wear, compression garments need to keep on delivering the firm and consistent external pressure that will support the patient’s recovery. So, it is wise to look for garments that are known for retaining their strength and elasticity over time, even after repeated stretching and washing. 

Given the need for all the above boxes to be ticked when you are shopping for post-surgery compression garments in the UK, you are likely to greatly benefit from the offerings of a brand that is known for the quality of its products. As the UK’s sole distributor of VOE garments, RECOVA can offer you precisely that, meaning that you might scarcely need to consider any other store. 


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