What can you expect during your recovery from Brazilian butt-lift surgery?

18 July 2022  |  Admin

If you have made the decision to undergo the procedure known as Brazilian butt-lift surgery – or BBL – this will doubtless be a huge investment in your body and self-confidence. 

It is equally important, however, to realise that if you want to achieve the rounder and curvier backside that BBL promises, with minimal complications, you will need to make healthy and responsible choices in your recovery. As part of this, you must be prepared for any of a range of eventualities.

Below, then, are some of the things you should be anticipating as you plot your BBL recovery. 

You will need to avoid sitting down for a while 

Given the nature of the procedure, there will be a need to avoid sitting down on your buttocks for some time after the procedure. 

You will be given a specific BBL pillow to sit on– so you should begin planning before the surgery for how you will manage this. If you need to sit for any during the initial recovery, this should only be for short periods of time. 

You will need to account for BBL buttock swelling 

During your recovery from Brazilian butt-lift surgery or BBL, you will be required to avoid wearing anything too tight on the buttocks, just snug compression will be enough. During the first week, post-surgery, there will be quite a lot of sweeling on the buttock area, so you need to account for this size fluctuation when ordering your compression garment. Is usually best to order two different sizes, one larger than your usual size. 

While your clothing in general during your recovery should be snug, here at RECOVA, we take pride in stocking dedicated surgical garments for BBL that provide firm compression in the areas where this is needed. These include fat transfers to buttocks girdles with extended backs and ‘above knee’ and ‘below knee’ styles. Our team is happy to advise if you need help selecting the right such garments for you. 

You will need to alert to any symptoms and potential complications 

Certain symptoms do tend to arise after a BBL procedure, that you shouldn’t be greatly concerned about. Swelling and bruising, for instance, are normal and common following liposuction surgery, as is itchiness – a product of the slight traumatisation of superficial nerves during the liposuction process. 

There will also be a chance of excess tumescent fluids draining from your incisions during the first few days of your recovery. Such fluid might be tinged with blood; it is important not to be alarmed if this is the case for you. After a few days, you can expect the incisions to heal and any fluid leakage to cease. 

Unfortunately, as with other types of surgical procedure, BBL does present a risk of complications, such as skin irregularities or infection. So of course, it is important to be vigilant and informed on the relevant symptoms, and to seek professional advice and attention if you do see or experience something that concerns you. 

Why not begin shopping today for the girdles, adhesive foam pads or other items that could support your recovery from your cosmetic procedure? Here at RECOVA, we make available all manner of surgical garments for BBL and those designed to support recovery from other procedures, to help ensure you achieve the best possible results in the weeks and months following your surgery. 


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